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Project RealTheater

Theater should not only reflect the past but shape the future!

Best Case Scenarios - Social Sculpture - Social Beauty - Peace Research 2.0 - Love Research


What is RealTheater?

It is possible to fuse theater and reality! Theater can become the think tank and the practical building kit of a new, more peaceful culture.
Theater can contribute an important part to the development of a social psychological paradigm shift.
Through the artistic and playful group work, alternative patterns of action and rules can be designed and tested for a future-oriented reality.

The first goal is to simulate a structurally (1) peaceful social system in a group!





  • The "Stanford Prison Experiment" also works as a BEST CASE SIMULATION! Currently, the RealTheater is running the e-mail-campaign. We are looking for supporters and fellow-players, and are looking for artists, foundations, peace research institutes, universities, eco- / peace villages and people who are concerned with future research and experimental theater .
  • A radio-interview has been created about the project RealTheater, on the philosophical theme: "How real is our reality".
The theater is the experimental lab of reality! Who, if not art, has the social task of experimenting with unusual things, treading new social grounds, and venturing into concrete utopias? It does not matter to reality whether it is created by the violent past , or whether it is artistically, creatively and freely shaped by us. Both are possible!

The book about the theory and the fundamentals of the project RealTheater: "Planet of artists" is (in german language) available as an eBook:
PDF, 168 pages, 3 MB


The inventor Thomas Edison has tried out 2000 materials before he invented the light bulb and brought light into the darkness of the night. Did our species actually try out 2000 peace conceptions to develop an artistic, harmonious and truly peaceful culture?

Today, we need more real democracy and more of the values ?? for which the symbol of the West, the Statue of Liberty, stands: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".
There should be an institution that will open, examine and evaluate new peace ideas with open arms. Such a "foundation peace test" does not exist. I find this incredible! We need "think tanks" of peace! What we have are hundreds of global think tanks of war. What are the peace research institutes good for? To count weapons?

It is a joke that today it is not the main task of man to find a solution to the main problem of our species with great financial commitment. Today we need a "Human Peace Project", that is so sucessful for peace as the Manhattan Project for war.

The first step is to develop a village or a "peace town" that works playfully and without structural violence, fear and lies. And here at this point, the RealTheater project would play as one of the projects that should be financed, implemented and tested in this context.

RealTheater is a new peace strategy.

I am the author who has an idea, a vision. I am looking for people and professionals to realize.


The video about "Peace Research -TV / RealTheater":



We are all actors, or can be!

When reality is staged within a framework of certain theatrical rules, social reality is willingly constructible and transformable.

Everyone should have access to the most beautiful feelings, experiences and roles. To an actor this is voluntarily possible and therefore it is possible for us all. With the resources of the theater, we are potentially capable of doing so, especially when we integrate some theater rules into reality (or seen differently when we integrate some reality rules into the theater). Everyone can wake up from the indecision of the passive spectator mode, become an active player and live his dreams and desires.

The RealTheater project is about liberating the art of the theater from the corset of the time frame and the fixed script in which theater exist. And it is about getting out of his usual mental self-model, of his (historically grown, often forced) role, and of living a time as a desire role (alter ego, avatar), together with others who do likewise. If (intentionally chosen) scenarios are carried out over a longer period of time (hours / days / weeks / months) , then they can become real!

New theater phenomena - Radical theater forms - Avantgarde theater - Philosophy and art - Erotic and art

The Realtheater project is an advance of the theatrical methodology into the reality.
An end to the personal divide in the player, the viewer and the author, as usual in the normal theater.
The question of human identity in the context of new aesthetic possibilities of the future.
A real-life experiment that replaces past orientation through future orientation and desire orientation.
A project that challenges the usual kind of linear and causal reality.

Is it possible to live playfully as Avatar or alter ego? Is it possible to free yourself from having to play only the "historical" I-role? Can an ensemble work which jointly leads collective? The RealTheater does not need a memorized text and no static script.

At the theater stage, people are dominating the roles - in reality, the roles dominate the people!

The art of acting is a flower of human possibility and is potentially possible where the existential basic needs are provided and people agree on the rules of this game.

In the improvisation section of a regular drama lesson, in the so-called "Stanislawski improvisation exercises", more miraculous rules apply on the stage than in normal life, which could be used for peace research and freedom research. If the neurosciences describe reality as a collective "dream", then this could be called a collective "lucid dream"(1). Important is the "stop rule" by which we can stop every scene, or change and improve it, and repeat the "no one is allowed to happen physically anything - rule". Even the worst roles, shadows and emotions are allowed, but everyone must be able to rely 100% on the fact that, for example, a fist stops 10 cm in front of the body and an artistic ensemble generally takes care of one another. These rules lead to playfulness, fearlessness, dynamism, sentimentality, and the assumption of inner impulses and ideas of the other players, instead of keeping to the brink of mutual rebellion or the "inner policeman". This creates lust and energy. In these improvisation exercises, without a given text (and often in the self-determination of their own wishes), pupils are able to realize a 10 to 60 minutes lasting, life-like, common "what if ... scenario". The magic of the theater allows the leap into a "different ego" with all senses and feelings and into any group situation or in any circumstances. If a group of acors play with holy seriousness, the results are often fascinating real. In accordance with today's reality research, we would like to assert the unheard of: It is real! We are what we do! What would happen if these self-constructed roles were to have more life than our "official CV life?" What would happen if we were to include the art of love and eroticism, who and how many would we want to be if we could choose freely in a world of art?

I would like to say this very clearly, life on stage is more adventurous, more intense, more diverse, freer, and more beautiful than life outside the stage, because if the element of free improvisation is wisely embedded, the stage is much more alive than the "normal" World. The players can experience their wishes or key experiences when the group plays. (Reality - considered as "social software" - works with "RealTheater Live" in the sandbox mode. This term from the computer language means: software is shielded from the rest of the system in which this can not cause any harm on the one hand and the other on the other hand Effects of the software can be explored.)

Let's go on stage! Let´s live the reality on stage! Let us enlarge the stage! Let's play with each other! Let's try it out!

Our time needs visions, concrete utopias, possible solutions where modernity could, if it so wishes. Life as a game of art! A dynamic, a freer reality is possible!

... show society that real life is also possible with other game rules

In return to the "Stanford Prison Experiment" , it should become clear where to lead a "Best Case Simulation" instead of a "worst case simulation". This has never been done anywhere in the world. The Stanford Prison experiment was terminated after a few days because the simulation became a reality because there was no safety framework. But we are working with the rules of an "avatar technique" and how "James Cameron's Avatar film" demonstrate so beautiful, an avatar can be switched off at any time. Actors do not fall, however, but mostly laugh when they "reappear" from the role.
The seriously acceptance (of a claimed identity or a constructed scenario) in the group creates reality (as long as the acceptance continues). The complete non-acceptance (of a claimed identity or scenario) by "to laugh down" in the group destroys reality and identity. This also applies to the so-called reality.

The planet has long been discovered, but there are still unexplored "continents" in our brain and in our social possibilities. We live in invisible cages, which we create ourselves and just as in the animal in the too narrow cage, thereby suffering our joy and vitality. The "censorship of negation" already sits in our own minds. These cages can be opened and we could "fly"!

The first professional RealTheater project is scheduled for 2018 probably in Berlin. I am looking for people, money and professionals to realize this.

"We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become." Augusto Boal

"The whole world is a stage and all men and women are mere players" William Shakespeare

"A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" John Lennon

"Everyone is an artist" Joseph Beuys



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"Theatre is a form of knowledge, it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it."
Augusto Boal

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